Burns Municipal Airport

The Burns Municipal Airport (BNO) is a Level 3 industrial zoned general aviation airport owned by the City of Burns. We are at an elevation of 4159 ft. in Harney County. We are located 5 miles east of Burns located on approx. 825 acres. We are the gateway to the Steens Mountain, Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and Crystal Crane Hot Springs. There is a multitude of bird watching, fishing, camping, sightseeing and hiking in Harney County. Harney County is about the same size as the state of Massachusetts with a population of about 7100 people known for logging and ranching centrally located to the heart of the Eastern Oregon outback. 

Burns Municipal Airport has around 3600 itinerant operations, and 1500 local air operations annually. We have a 24hr. self service fuel farm just north of the main terminal,  full aircraft mechanic, and a flight instruction school. A body shop/painting business is also located on site for general and major repairs. Our lease rate is $00.14 per sq. foot. for hangers for general aviation and commercial business as well. There are no landing or parking fees with fuel purchase.

Airport facilities

  • Main Terminal open 24 hrs a day with free ‘WIFI’
  • Coffee, cider, hot cocoa/vending machines/pop-water
  • Courtesy cars
  • 24hr Phillips 66 Fuel with Jet A and 100LL
  • Prist available for purchase
  • Oxygen available (call ahead)
  • Aircraft mechanical repair

Airport Facilities include two runways
Landing Freq. 122.800 - no tower at airport
Vor 113.80
WXASOS 135.575

  • Runway 12/30            5100’x 75’ concrete surface
  • Runway 3/21              4600’ x 60’ concrete surface

One main taxiway asphalt surface connecting runway 3 and runway 30

Street Address:                                                  Airport Administration: 541-573-6139
33003 Airport Ln.                                               Managers:  Walt, 541-589-2086,
Burns, OR  97720                                              & Pat Sitz, 541-589-2755

Looking out at fuel tanks from the main terminal.



Arial shot of the airport by an incoming plane.